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Nimble disk for a NAS?

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Nimble disk for a NAS?


I'm currently trying to evaluate NAS solutions for my enterprise, which uses our Nimble storage on the backend.  It must be able to use the iSCSI targets that the Nimble presents.  Also, i needs to be a commercial solution of some kind, so that I can get enterprise level support.   When all is said and done, we'll be serving data to NFS and CIFS users. 

Is anyone out there using anything like this?

Let me know. 

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Re: Nimble disk for a NAS?

How about a Windows 2012 VM serving CIFS and NFS? Works very well using SMB3 and you can use native AD authentication, as well as "previous versions" feature for rolling back files.

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Re: Nimble disk for a NAS?

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Re: Nimble disk for a NAS?

And FSRM is the very good solution to manage file servers.

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Re: Nimble disk for a NAS?

Actually there are some really detailed posts about using a Windows host for CIFS / SMB services with Nimble Storage back end.  In terms of support only have two vendors to consider (Nimble Storage and Microsoft).  The nice thing is that you don't have to worry about ANY SMB / CIFS protocol violations as it's all handled by the Windows server.  Also you can even integrate features like DFS or Windows clustering if desired.

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Re: Nimble disk for a NAS?

I haven't actually tried it yet, but was looking for something similar and came across this, which looks good on paper:

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Re: Nimble disk for a NAS?

If you are looking for something free you get Ubuntu and you can get commercial support with Ubuntu, but on most of my installs I use 2008r2 or 2012r2 and they work great for CIFS/SMB.

Ubuntu Commercial support:

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