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Nimble mgmt IP address

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Nimble mgmt IP address

When I configure the mgmt IP via serial connection to the array, does it come online only to eth0a and never goes over to eth0b on the active controller say if eth0a was cable unplugged?  

During failover to other controller, mgmt goes only to eth0a on that controller?


Sheldon Smith

Re: Nimble mgmt IP address

Having all four eth0 ports connected is a best practice. Best best practice (is there such a thing?) is to have the "a" ports connected to one switch, the "b" ports connected to a second.

When the active management link fails, the management IP will move to an alternate. It will first attempt to switch between ports on the active controller. Only if there are no working links on the active controller and there is a working link on the standby controller will the system switch over.

You can configure any port to any subnet.

When the system is being set up, the eth0a port will be assigned to the management subnet. Once you have the rest of the array configured and the GUI is available for general administrative use, the Hardware page will show which ports are green (good) or red (a problem) or gray (not yet configured). If you need to, edit the active network setup. You should add the eth0b ports to the management subnet. 

There is probably a YouTube video on configuring the Nimble network.

And there's always Nimble Support ready and waiting for a call.


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