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Only one TG-FC iSCSI port is used HF40 - Multipathing

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Only one TG-FC iSCSI port is used HF40 - Multipathing

Hello everyone,

I have this issue with Nimble HF40 unit. As title says only one TG port is used in either of controllers. Both ports have been configured under the same subnet, Nimble UI lists them as active 10G ports.

Nimble itself is directly attached to the DL360 G9 server, which is running 2012R2 and has HPE Eth 10Gb 2-port 560SFP+ adapter. One port is connected to the Nimbles tg1b and the other to the tg1a port.  We used iSCSI with MPIO, then switched to NCM. Array is discovered, volumes can be mounted. But when connected to the volume both NCM and MPIO shows that only one path is active (sometimes it shows 2 connections where it is replicated(inspect screenshots)). Is there a way how to get both paths active? Nimble perfmon shows activity only on one tg interface (tga). Tried to set this up on ESX 6.7, still same issue. No ideas left. Maybe I should try to team both server ports?

Additional information, screenshots can be provided if needed

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Re: Only one TG-FC iSCSI port is used HF40 - Multipathing

Found the solution for this issue. Network was not properly configured. What I did in the begining was set both interfaces TGA and TGB to be in the same subnet with the management in one subnet and iSCSI traffic in another thought in mind. I assume Nimble processed only one port in one subnet.

Fix was to set different subnets for each of the ports (for example 192.168.10.x and 192.168.20.x for each port respectively)

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Re: Only one TG-FC iSCSI port is used HF40 - Multipathing


sorry for the late reply here.

Direct attaching Nimble to servers via iSCSI is NOT SUPPORTED. We only support directly attaching Nimble via FC. MPIO, and more importantly controller failovers and firmware upgrades will not function as desired in this state, and could cause potential problems.

I would encourage you to change this configuration and put the connectivity through a switch.

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

twitter: @nick_dyer_