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Re: Peer persistance networking, management 2x 10Gb?

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Fred Blum
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Peer persistance networking, management 2x 10Gb?

The peer persistence deployment guide specifies to use 2x 10Gb for Management and 2x 10Gb for replication. 

We currently have 2x 10Gb onboard and 2x 2P 1GB nics for iscsi. We are about to add 2P 10GBase-2 SPF+ nics. So we will have 2x 10Gb onboard, 2x 10Gbase-2 SPF+  and 4x 1GBase-T. 

We would also like to move iscsi to 10Gb. 

Does management need to be 10Gb? If it is only for the GUI I would say no.  I read that some group traffic cannot be seperated from the Management ports even with a seperate 2x10Gb Replication network.  



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Re: Peer persistance networking, management 2x 10Gb?

Hi Fred,

There's no requirement for management to be 10Gb.

The "group" traffic subnet can indeed be separated and split onto another VLAN or physical port - this is what we will use for Peer Persistence traffic, and we do recommend that to be 10Gb.

You can see that I have a separated management subnet, some iSCSI subnets and then a dedicated sync-rep subnet with group traffic on it. 

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Nick Dyer
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