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Powershell Script to Create Clone, Mount Clone

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Re: Powershell - create clone, mount clone

Kelley Underwood - I manually  tack on the port, since thats set by Nimble. There really isnt any magic here, and sadly not much of an error is returned from the unit. There is nothing special that needs to be done to the array but check to make sure you can communicate ok with it on that port, you can just paste that address in to a browser and the soap data should show up. If it doesnt there is likely some sort of firewall or something blocking it.

Greg Miller the groupmgmt.dll is something that Adam Herbert created, its basically just a generic soap wrapper and can fairly easily be created.

Mike Elam - I've added the feature to New-NSSnapshot, there are 3 primary inputs -volume (string volume name), -inputobject (vol object) and -volumecollection which is the name of the collection you want to snap.

sorry for the delayed response guys, for some reason i never saw any emails come in!

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Re: Powershell Script to Create Clone, Mount Clone

Adam looks like with a New API from Nimble GroupMgmt.dll and the above powershell script does not work. Does any one have any thing similar which references a RESET API.