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Replicate off VNX 5300 to Nimble

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Replicate off VNX 5300 to Nimble

Looking to understand what options we have to replicate data off of a physical SQL server leveraging VNX 5300 to a new physical SQL server leveraging Nimble.

Current options are:  backup/restore, robocopy

Challenge - size of SQL is 3.2 TB.

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Re: Replicate off VNX 5300 to Nimble

You have various options:

  • Create new Nimble volume, disconnect database, copy MDF/LDF to Nimble volumes, reconnect database.
  • Use SQL AlwaysOn to sync two copies of the MDF/LDF - one on EMC, the other on Nimble volumes, then tear down the AO server which is connecting to the old EMC storage.
  • Backup/Restore (I wouldn't do this).
  • Something such as DoubleTake to replicate the data.

If you have the capability, then AlwaysOn would be a good option.

The easiest would be just to disconnect the database and copy the datasets across. That would require a maintenance window, but would be easy

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