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Array Setup and Networking
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Usable Initiator Ports...

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jon farnick
Occasional Advisor

Usable Initiator Ports...


V virtual hosts connected to our SAN, and one of the three cannot seem to connect through the Nimble Connection Manager ( We have to manually add the Target Portal Discovery IP address and even when we do, it shows Group: Unknown and no Host MPIO IP addresses. Also, under the Recent Tasks, Get Discovery Target Portals shows Discovery Target Portals Found = 1 (I'm assuming it's the one we manually entered) and Get Configuration Data ends with Usable Initiator Ports = 0.

Not sure why this host is different from the other two, but does anyone have some insight into this problem?

Honored Contributor

Re: Usable Initiator Ports...

Hi LT iT

there is a video blog here that walks you through setting up a volume with NCM

Video Link : 1121

You want to make sure:

- the host can ping the arrays target/data ports from its data IP addresses

- if jumbo frames are configured the they are configured in the entire stack

- if its a clustered volume ensure the multi-initiator bit is set when provisioning

- have selected your ip interfaces to be used in NCM

any issues please post back or if it's urgent contact support and I'm sure they will guide you through it



Trusted Contributor

Re: Usable Initiator Ports...

If its an option - I'd suggest starting from scratch with getting that Host connected to your iSCSI Storage network.  Trace cables, confirm network switch port config, Host config, etc..  I'd be willing to bet you'll find something has been overlooked.

jon farnick
Occasional Advisor

Re: Usable Initiator Ports...

So it turns out, one good reboot and everything appears to be working. Thanks for all your help.

Trusted Contributor

Re: Usable Initiator Ports...

Hah - a classic Windows fix.. reboot..