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Veeam SAN transport and NWT

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Veeam SAN transport and NWT

Hey Everyone,

Just want to confirm something so I don't nuke my environment.

I'm trying to setup Veeam (9.0) to backup my VMware environment direct from SAN (SAN transport mode). I've run some tests on some test volumes and everything appears fine.

I am using a physical 2012R2 windows server (Veeam), and I installed the Nimble Windows toolkit. It can see the VMware volumes, but I just want to make sure it doesn't try to online or automount the volumes in Windows (thereby nuking the VMware volume).

I have gone into diskpart and set the SAN policy to offline and automount to disable. Is there anything else I should be looking out for?

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Re: Veeam SAN transport and NWT

Hi Scott,

As far as I've read up on this you've taken all the steps, maybe you can check with this document

Nimble Storage InfoSight

However you might also checkout Veeam 9.5 that has just been released, it has Nimble integration and I've been testing it for a month now and it is awesome.

You do need a Veeam enterprise plus license which is a bit expensive.

Kind regards,


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Re: Veeam SAN transport and NWT

I have this same setup with a physical box for Veeam with NWT.  NWT is supposed to disable the Automount feature in Windows but if you are worried just run this from command prompt - nomount /N

This will turn off Automount for you.  As stated you can also use 9.5 for Nimble snapshot integration but ENT+ required.


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Re: Veeam SAN transport and NWT

Veeam will only mount those as offline shared.  9.5 snapshot integration is very cool.  It allows the storage snapshot to be the source for a backup making it even faster than using san transport.

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Re: Veeam SAN transport and NWT

Thanks, I'll double check that I did that.

No Ent+ for me currently, but I am indeed aware of the awesomeness.

Thanks again.