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dHCI and Nimble deployment

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dHCI and Nimble deployment

Hi, I've planed to install (greenfield) a dHCI and Nimble HF with VMWare 6.7.

I'm reading the deployment guide and have two questions :

"ESXi and iLO on the same management subnet
You must provide two contiguous IP address ranges for each server (one for ESXi and one for iLO).

iLO on a dedicated subnet (if the array is running release or later)

When you choose to have iLO on a different subment than the ESXi management interface, you must provide one contiguous IP address range for each server on each subnet (one in the ESXi subnet and one in the iLO subnet)"

Question 1/ Can you provide a sample of IP adressing for both cases ? (same mgt subnet and different)

Is that example correct for the ESXi and iLO in same subnet ?

mgmt_vlan Native

ilo_vlan Access


Is that example correct for the ESXi and iLO in the different subnet ?

mgmt_vlan Native

ilo_vlan Access


Question 2/ dHCI magic demo always show that vCenter and ESXi are deployed automatically, but where are the binaries ? Embedded in the Nimble Array or do we assume that ESXi is already installed by HPE on the compliant Proliant server ? Same for vCenter ? At a moment we should indicate what version we want to deploy isn't it ? (I'm more familiar with SimpliVity where we put binaries in a dedicated folder that is used by the deployment manager)

Sample from the deployment guide page 65 :

Configure the solution

1. On the welcome page, carefully read the prerequisites and click Next.

2. Choose the appropriate vCenter Server option: –

Option 1: Create a new vCenter Server:

a. Click Create a new vCenter Server and set the following values: 

vCenter host name: <> 

vCenter IP address: <> 

vCenter root password: <> 

SSO administrator password: <>

b. Read and accept each EULA and then click Next


Thank you for your help,

Best Regards,


Sheldon Smith

Re: dHCI and Nimble deployment

If a dHCI Greenfield deployment, the order includes two or more ProLiant servers, each with four 10Gb+ NICs. Each comes with the HPE ESXi image preloaded along with the Nimble Connection Manager VIB.

The vCenter image is bundled with the Nimble dHCI software. If deploying a new vCenter, it will be set up initially on one of the ProLiant servers' local storage. As one of the last steps of the implementation, it is moved to a VMFS datastore on the Nimble.
Depending on what what was loaded at the factory, the vCenter and ESXi servers will be either v6.7 or v7.0.
If deploying a new vCenter, the vCenter FQDN and IP need to be pre-registered in your DNS.

Once the servers have been located on the network and their ESXi environments verified, the setup will ask for the first permanent address for the servers.
Depending on the NimbleOS version, it may ask for one range (two IPs per ProLiant, an iLO and an ESXi) or two ranges, one for the ESXi management addresses and a second range for the ProLiant iLOs.
The servers' two iSCSI address ranges are also requested.

For each range requested, the system will calculate the last permanent address and then check the IPs to make sure nothing else is in that range. 

Once everything is answered and validated, click the FINISH button. After a few minutes, the setup dialog box will appear and it will start the actual deployment. 
NOTE: If a new vCenter is being deployed, it typically takes a little under a half-hour to deploy and start up before going on to the next steps.

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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Re: dHCI and Nimble deployment

Thank You Sheldon for your clear explanation.

The question is now which version of VMWare I'll get

For some reason of compliance with other virtual appliances my customer cannot go to vSphere 7 for the moment.

Is it possible to re-image the ProLiant with HPE custom iso 6.7 if it arrive pre loaded with vSphere 7 ?

Except the Nimble VIB this is a classic ESXi like on other ProLiant ?



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Re: dHCI and Nimble deployment


In Greenfield installation ESXI servers come pre-installed from HPE with NCM.

I have found that usually it is better to convert the Greenfield installation into 

a Brownfield installation especially if you want to be at a certain ESXI and Vcenter

version. Also until now it always came with ESXI 6.7 and Vcenter 6.7. Which means

that after installation you have to upgrade your environment.

what I do is:

1) Install ESXI to which ever version I want.

2) Define "final" IP addresses FQDN DNS NTP etc.

3) Enable SSH.

4) Install NCM

5) Install Vcenter on one of the servers local disks.

6) create my Cluster ( with out any shared DataStore).

7) Create ISCSI vSwitches for connection to Nimble.

You run DHCI wizard and define this is an existing vcenter with existing cluster.

9) overcome any rejects the wizard gives.

10) after another 15 minutes the DHCI cluster is up an running.


Take into account that in every Brownfield installation DHCI replaces the root

password on the ESXI with DHCI default (Prostack123!).


I know this undocumented but it works perfect and you also gain your hosts appearing

as FQDN which does not happen in a regular installation.


Give a KUDO if this helps


Sheldon Smith

Re: dHCI and Nimble deployment

Hi Jean-Philippe,

As I recall, the dHCI Brownfield Deployment Guide describes the process of reimaging an ESXi server.
1. re-image with the HPE ESXi 6.7 image
2. add the Nimble Connection Manager VIB
3. other little steps, like setting the ESXi root password.

On a few recent orders, I thought I saw a line item about ESXi 7.0. Otherwise I have a hunch they shipped with 6.7.

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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