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iSCSI VMs and Azure Site Recovery

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iSCSI VMs and Azure Site Recovery

Using a CS220 for Hyper-V CSV (OS VHDs) and dedicated file/SQL/Exchange volumes for VMs.  The VMs access their volumes over vitual iSCSI NICs.

The CS220 will have done a sterling job when we replace it later this year.

I'm looking at DR solutions and Azure Site Recovery specifically right now.  I like the sound of ASR in principal but it's really only effective when all VM storage is contained with VHDs (iSCSI and passthroughs not supported).

I originally avoided going full VHD only to make use of Nimble's simplfied volume management and performance policies.  That's worked great and I want to avoid loosing that if I can but I'm struggling getting my head round achieving that.

I'm sure others have hit this scenario and whilst my investigation continues I wondered if anyone could shed any insight they might have?

BTW, ASR can also replicate physical servers and I could treat these VMs in that way but you loose the ability to failback post an invocation which we need.

Any help is really appreciated.


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Re: iSCSI VMs and Azure Site Recovery


Have you taken a look at HPE Cloud Volumes? This has the ability to do native Nimble replication to Public Cloud - and allows you to connect iSCSI volumes to AWS or Azure Virtual Machines. It also has the functionality to replicate and connect CSVs to Azure.

Here are some assets to check out:

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Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

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Re: iSCSI VMs and Azure Site Recovery

I haven't but I will, thanks for the info and your swift response Nick.

I like the sound of essentially a replicated array in the cloud but I need to get my head round how that'll fit in with ASR VM replication.   I want DR failover/failback to be seamless (as we all do!) and I'm just running through in my mind how the VMs will know to work with HPE cloud volumes and not those on our on-premises array based on their replicated configuration in ASR.  I'm rusty here so back to the homework!

Without doing anything so fancy as HPE Cloud the more I'm looking the more I'm consigned to moving everything over to VHDs and created specific array volumes (for SQL, Exchange etc) to hold them.  Would we still benefit from the performance polices with VHDs "sitting inbetween"?

Thanks very much.