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iSCSI and NCM errors, but volumes are connected

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iSCSI and NCM errors, but volumes are connected


Was wondering if anybody has run into this issue in their environment.  I am running nimble with volumes for sql db's and the logs on seperate volumes.  I am getting errors on my server in the system event viewer that are iScsiPrt errors.  Also getting errors regarding nimble connect manager in the Application logs.  Both errors seem to indicate that my server is not connecting to nimble volumes, however i am connected to both db and log volumes and can access them with no issues. 

I have read a couple MS articles that say if it is working then to disregard, however there are hundreds of these per day and i am just paranoid that eventually something might happen.  Has anybody run into this before, if so do you have a fix?

Attached are some screenshots of event viewer errors.


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Re: iSCSI and NCM errors, but volumes are connected


I would suggest reviewing the Nimble Best Practices for iSCSI located within the Support site under the Best Practices Tab. Ensure that Nimble, the network ports serving iSCSI, the Host NICs are all configured correctly. Also, ensure the switch has available buffering to service the IO query. Lastly, check that MPIO is set correctly on the host and ensure the Nimble toolkit is installed so that the Windows Registry settings for iSCSI are adjusted as the default are defined minimally. the toolkit will increase these values

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Re: iSCSI and NCM errors, but volumes are connected

In addition, I would also read through the Recommended Windows Server Updates article on InfoSight and make sure that all the updates are applied:

If all else fails, lob a quick call into Support and see if they provide more insight.

Good luck!