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vmware in guest iSCSI

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vmware in guest iSCSI

My VMware hosts have 4 - 10gig NIC's, plugged into two different switches.  Two of them are in a LACP/VPC (Nexus) Team and the ports on the switch are trunk ports so I can tag my vmguest networks.  This team is used for Host/Guest LAN traffic.  The other 2 - 10gig NIC's are for iSCSI on a separate VLAN, Flow control on, no teaming, separate vSwitches per Nimble best practice.  Please see attached image.  All of that works great, no issues.

If I wanted to do in VM/Guest iSCSI could I add Virtual Machine Port Group on the iSCSI vSwitches?  Call them "Guest iSCSI_1 and _2".

Is that supported, good, bad.....ugly???  Or should I add more NIC's to the hosts and use those for iSCSI?  The hosts have some 1gig ports not in use but I would have to add a 1gig switch layer to the iSCSI VLAN and cable it all up.  Something I would like to avoid if I could.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: vmware in guest iSCSI

Yes - you can add all the virtual groups to the iSCSI vswitches you want, or not at all. You can just present the Lun's driectly to the guest OS and they will work on the existing vSwitch. I have three virtual port groups in my lab. Call support and they can help you add them


Re: vmware in guest iSCSI

Thanks called support and got it all worked out.