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10 gig SPF+ cobber


10 gig SPF+ cobber

... is somehow only possible with "DAC"-cables...

But if I want to connect a 10 Gig RJ45 device - how to do so? Can I cut the DAC in two and mount a RJ45 on one end instead?

If so - anyone got the pinout?

Regards, Lars.

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Re: 10 gig SPF+ cobber

Do you mean copper with "cobber"?

I'm quite sure you can't manually "transform" one 10G SFP+ Copper DAC terminated cable's end into a RJ45 cable's end.

You must provide SFP+ enabled devices to both ends of the 10G SFP+ Copper DAC terminated cable you have or, in the worst case (in terms of both complexity and DAC device-to-device performance degradation you're going to add), look for something like a 10G SFP+ copper <--> 10G RJ45 external Media Converter (like this one).

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