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1920-48G JG927A port reset

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1920-48G JG927A port reset


Is there a way to reset a port to factory defaults? I have four unresponsive ports in my switch, and I think I have somehow messed up the configuration. Cannot see any difference between working and unresponsive ports though..

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Re: 1920-48G JG927A port reset

Pretty strange. Configuration parmeters non explicitly present on the configuration file (considering the usual condition that has running config equal to startup config) mean that those parameters are at their default, I guess, the best way to reset your Switch ports, all of them (if not Hardware damaged/in fault) is to (a) backup your configuration, (b) perform a Factory Reset of your Switch and then (c) reconfigure it with backed up configuration...this if you're totally sure your configuration is not dirty.

Edit: is your JG927A already at R1120?

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Re: 1920-48G JG927A port reset

I think I need to replace the device then. It is in quite active pruduction use, so I don't want to make a full factory reset. With new device I will also see if my current configuration is ok. FW is R1114.

Thank You.