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2530-48G Configuring Port-based Prioritization

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2530-48G Configuring Port-based Prioritization

I've updated 2530-48G to it's latest firmware.  I am able to view "#sh qos port-priority", but when trying to configure it, the option is not there.  How do you config #qos port-priority ?



HP-2530-48G(config)# qos
 udp-port              Configure UDP port-based priority.
 tcp-port              Configure TCP port-based priority.
 device-priority       Configure IP address-based traffic prioritization.
 dscp-map              Create a DSCP (Differentiated Services Codepoint) policy.
 protocol              Configure protocol-based traffic prioritization.
 queue-config          Configure port egress queue parameters.
 rate-limit            Configure DSCP-based rate limiting.
 traffic-template      Configure egress queue priority assignments.
 type-of-service       Configure DSCP-based traffic prioritization.
 watch-queue           Monitor dropped packet counts for each egress queue of a port.





Re: 2530-48G Configuring Port-based Prioritization

Hello ,

Have you checked this under interface ? 

HP-2530 (config)# interface ethernet 1
HP-2530(eth-1)# qos
dscp Specify the DSCP policy to use.
priority Specify the 802.1p priority to use.
trust Set the QoS Trust Mode Configuration for the port.
HP-2530-48G-PoEP-2SFPP(eth-1)# qos pir
Invalid input: pir
HP-2530-48G-PoEP-2SFPP(eth-1)# qos priority
HP-2530(eth-1)# qos priority

Please try this and let me know if you have any query on this

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Re: 2530-48G Configuring Port-based Prioritization


The QoS configuration of the 2530 series (and all ArubaOS-S switches) is described in the Advanced Traffic Management guide. Here is the manual for version 16.10.

page 197

Assigning a priority based on source-port
This option assigns a priority to all outbound packets having the specified source-port. You can configure
this option by either specifying the source-port ahead of the qos command or moving to the port context
for the port you want to configure for priority. (If you are configuring multiple source-ports with the same
priority, you may find it easier to use the interface <port-list> command to go to the port context
instead of individually configuring the priority for each port.)
interface <port-list> qos priority <0-7>
Configures an 802.1p priority for packets entering the switch through the specified (source) ports. This
priority determines the packet queue in the outbound ports to which traɝc is sent. If a packet leaves the
switch on a tagged port, it carries the 802.1p priority with it to the next downstream device. You can
configure one QoS classifier for each source-port or group of source-ports.
(Default: No-override)
no interface <port-list> qos
Disables use of the specified source-ports for QoS classifiers and resets the priority for the specified
sourceports to No-override.

See also Page 198/199, chapter Assigning a DSCP policy based on the source-port

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Re: 2530-48G Configuring Port-based Prioritization

I spent hours under #config qos, but didn't see there's was another qos under #config int ethernet...