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2910al Firmware upgrade password reset

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Occasional Contributor

2910al Firmware upgrade password reset

I have just upgraded a 2910al 24PoE to W_15_08_0012 and now am unable to log in to the CLI or web interface with the password that was current before the upgrade.


This password worked up until 30 minutes ago.


Unfortunately this switch is at a remote site about 250km's away.


Am I missing something in the release notes?

Valued Contributor

Re: 2910al Firmware upgrade password reset

page 8 of the release notes says:

  • SSH (CR_0000103309) - If the switch is configured to use SSH, a username must be configured in addition to the password. This is a new requirement beginning with W.15.07 software. In the situation where usernames are not configured, upon software update this fix automatically adds usernames “operator” for operator level access and “manager” for manager level access. 


    So did you try username "manager" with the same password you had used before?



Occasional Contributor

Re: 2910al Firmware upgrade password reset

Thanks for your answer. I did eventually work that out. I read the release notes, maybe not thoroughly enough, and didn't see that para.