2920 problem

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2920 problem

I have a very strange issue with 2920 switches which I haven't seen with other procurve switches.. Have a network with 125 Hp switches and a core 8206.. Approximately 16 Vlans several of which use static addresses the rest use DHCP. With the 2920's using multiple VLans, if it connect a 2920 to another downstream switch (2620) and use both DHCP vlans, a mgmt. VLAN (VLAN1), and a VLAN using static addresses only.. all clients work except the one's with static addresses. The DHCP clients work fine and can ping across all vlans, access to the switches are fine on the mgmt. vlan, but the static clients will not work unless I connect the feed to the 2620 to ports 21-24 on the 2920. If I connect and configure any other ports, the static clients don't connect.. Have checked all configs and they are correct.. untagged on mgmt, tagged on other VLAN ports on feed connections. the 2920's are the only switches which have this issue.. All connections are at 1000FDX..

Any suggestions would be welcome.



Richard Litchfield
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Re: 2920 problem

Take a look in the logs and see if there is anything useful showing up there - like "PVID mismatch on port B10(VID 144)with peer
device port"

show logging
show logging -r
show logging -r -w
show logging -r | include mismatch