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2920 shipped with full 30W POE+ on all ports?

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2920 shipped with full 30W POE+ on all ports?

The HP Procurve product offerings are so very mysterious and complicated. I am simply trying to find a basic managed HP Procurve switch which truly offers full POE+ 30W support on all ports as a default out of the box configuration without needing to buy or swap out anything. Is this too much to ask? Apparently it is.

POE+ is defined as up to 30 watts per port. None of the 2920 switches can support this with the standard out of box configurations. Although they could. Why isn't it offered this way?

For example, there is this power supply:

Meanwhile the 24 port POE+ model, the J9727A, ships with an included 575W power supply (370W POE+), and apparently is NOT available WITHOUT a power supply.

J9727A product info. 

So in order to "upgrade" the stock J9727A to its full POE+ capability, it appears I have to buy it with a too-small power supply that I don't need, pull that out, throw it away, and install the larger 1050W J9737A purchased separately.

And meanwhile the include J9728A power supply that is included and which I don't need represents 25% of the purchase cost of the J9727A 24-port POE+ switch.

Does this make any sense at all?

Why is this so overcomplicated, and includes buying extra underpowered parts I don't want or need?


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Re: 2920 shipped with full 30W POE+ on all ports?

After some more research, here are the "official" routes to full 30W POE+ on the 24-port J9727A...

Option #1, using external power shelf, but only gaining full POE+, and not also redundancy::

  • J9727A 24port POE+ with included 575W PSU- $1023 Newegg
  • J9805A power shelf, no included PSU - $1359 newegg
  • J9806A 1m RPS cable - $81 newegg
  • J9738A X332 575W PSU - $357 newegg

Apparently possible option #2:

  • J9727A 24port POE+ - $1023 Newegg
  • Pull out included J9738A, throw it away
  • J9737 X332 1050W PSU - $777 newegg

Option #2 "saves" $1020 (Newegg numbers) vs going the shelf route, but requires throwing away undersized J9738A that is worth $357 new...

Desired option #3:

  • Buy J9727A 24port POE+ with NO psu.
  • Install J9737 1050W PSU directly.