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2930F VSF upgrade

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2930F VSF upgrade

Hello ,
I want to upgrade a 2 * 2930F on VSF mode from WC.16.03.0005 to WC.16.09.0014.
I have sent the image though TFTP on the secondary image, and I will reboot the system on secondary (#bootsystem flash secondary).
Normally the image should be automatically copied from the Commander member to other members

FR-CCB-SWD015# sh vsf

Software Version : WC.16.03.0005

ID MAC Address Model Pri Status
--- ------------- -------------------------------------- --- ---------------
1 941882-617dc0 Aruba JL262A 2930F-48G-PoE+-4SFP Sw... 160 Commander
2 941882-624400 Aruba JL260A 2930F-48G-4SFP Switch 150 Standby

My question is how to be sure that the image is also copied on the VSF member 2 ?

Is the bellow command give me the vsf member2 flash image?
FR-CCB-SWD015(vsf member-2)# show flash


Actually , the result is the same as when I put directly the command ( see below)​FR-CCB-SWD015# sh flash
Image Size (bytes) Date Version
----------------- ------------ -------- --------------
Primary Image : 21989831 07/06/17 WC.16.03.0005
Secondary Image : 29843887 11/30/20 WC.16.09.0014

Boot ROM Version
Primary Boot ROM Version : WC.16.01.0003
Secondary Boot ROM Version : WC.16.01.0003

Default Boot Image : Primary
Default Boot ROM : Primary



Thank you or your help

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Re: 2930F VSF upgrade

Hi, please read my answer here (you posted also on the Aruba Airheads community and I saw first your post there).

I report it here too:

"Hi, if I'm not wrong (IIRC) you don't have a direct way to ensure (or verify) that VSF Commander successfully copied its (updated) Flash - let say Secondary or Primary - on all other VSF Members. I believe it could be said that the VSF Stack always run on the VSF Commander's booted software version (which should also be the software version booted on all other VSF Members part of the same stack)."

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