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2930M Stack Member Fault SNMP Trap

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2930M Stack Member Fault SNMP Trap


we have a few Aruba 2930M stacks with 3-4 members. 
We monitor them with HPE iMC 7.3 (E0605P04). And we want to get a critical alarm whenever a member goes offline.

The problem is that the 2930M does not send a SNMP trap when a member goes offline. I can see the trap hpStackMemberStatusChange ( when a commander or standby goes offline but I don't get a trap when a "normal" member changes the status to missing. 

I have the iMC configured as snmp-server with the Not-INFO level:
snmp-server host community "my_community" trap-level not-info

Does someone else have this problem?

Frequent Advisor

Re: 2930M Stack Member Fault SNMP Trap

For anyone also having this issue, I helped myself by using another OID. 

I now filter the following trap:
03270 stacking: ST1-CMDR: Topology is a Chain

This only works for stacks in a ring topology but it also shows whenever a single stacking cable fails.