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3810 stack member reboot, port down problem

Occasional Advisor

3810 stack member reboot, port down problem

Hello, we have two 3810's connected with stacking modules. One member is prio 255, the other 200. When we reboot one of the two members, a strange behaviour is observed.

When the switch boots, and is almost joined back to the stack, the ports on the switch go online. However the port status in 'show int bri' has Status of 'down'. It takes about 15 seconds before the switch gives status 'Up' to the ports.

ESXi hosts connected to the switch see an link up and starts to put VM traffic on the link, but because traffic isn't yet forwarded on the switch we get isolated VM's. This again resolves after about 15 seconds, when the switch gives port status 'Up'. 

 We have disabled spannign tree to test, but same result.

Is this normal behaviour of a stacking switch coming back online?

Kind Regards,