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5304xl (J4850A) - EOL Question


5304xl (J4850A) - EOL Question

We have an investment plan to sort out for 2014/2015 and we have a couple of 5304xl (J4850A) switches and I'm trying to find the official info on EOL for these switches. The general statement I read was along the line of 5 years engineering support from the EOS date, The EOS date for these 5304 switch I found is March 2009 so I'm guessing EOL could/should be some time this year. HP I guess could extend it if they wanted to. I cannot find an EOL statement/announcement as I did with our 2650 (J8165A) switches or any news of if/when they'd become EOL. Where can I find this information from?

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Re: 5304xl (J4850A) - EOL Question

Not sure if this answers your quesiton...




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Re: 5304xl (J4850A) - EOL Question



They have a Lifetime warranty. If spares run out of that paticular model, you get the next equivalent.


But they are old, and don't have features you probably need, like POE.