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5400 zl

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5400 zl

working with a client for span port configs for IDS solution.  I have never worked with HP switch and apparently neither has my client.  Can anyone direct me to documentation or tell me how to configure the switch for only tx traffic not txrx.  we bridged the span ports between the hp switch and the cisco switch it caused a packet storm, span tree loop and shut down their network for 2 hours.  I need to get this config right.   Help Please.

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Re: 5400 zl

I've got to say, I'm not sure what "we bridged the span ports" is going to do, positive or negative. Doesn't sound good...

You have the choice of setting up a span port on the 5400 and patching in the laptop you want to be running wireshark on to do the capture:
(Laptop on port 22, you want to monitor tx on 15)
mirror 1 port 22
int 15 monitor all out mirror 1

Or, you can send it via the network to a remote destination:
(Laptop on port 10 on SW2, you want to monitor tx on port 15 on SW1)
mirror 1 remote ip <src ip> <src udp port> <dst ip>
int 15 monitor all out mirror 1
mirror endpoint ip <src ip> <src udp port> <dst ip> port 10

When you create a mirror session, that mirror port is no longer an ethernet port, so I'm not sure where STP would come into it - mind you, you shouldn't be patching this port into another switch.