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5400zl logging - decoding the message code?

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5400zl logging - decoding the message code?

So we're starting to integrate some 5412zl's into our environment and one aspect of that is updating the log monitoring/alerting system.  Our current setup relies primarily on a syslog server with swatch running and email based alerts.  It's ugly, it's old, it needs to be replaced ... but that's for another time. 

Until then, I'm going to update the swatch configuration so that we get some alerts and noticed that most/all of the messages coming out of the switch include a message number.  If I can find a lookup table for these numbers, I might be able to shortcut the amount of time to add a bunch of regexs to my swatch configuration.  Instead of matching "SNTP: .*", I could simply be looking up 0263[134] and whatnot.

I looked around a bit, but haven't found what I'm looking for, hence this post.  Does anyone know where to find something along the lines of a lookup table for all of the logging messages that might be generated by a 5412zl ??