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5406zl vlan routing problem

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5406zl vlan routing problem

I'm starting to set up a lab, but I can't seem to get traffic to/from this switch.

I'm going out to a cisco 3750.  3750 router has a vlan with an ip of

What am I missing?

Here's my config:


Running configuration:

; J8697A Configuration Editor; Created on release #K.15.16.0008
hostname "Lab_switch"
module 1 type j8702a
module 2 type j8702a
no timesync
time daylight-time-rule continental-us-and-canada
time timezone -420
ip route
ip routing
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
vlan 1
no untagged A1,A13-A24,B1-B24
untagged A2-A12
no ip address
vlan 10
name "VLAN10"
untagged A13-A24
ip address
vlan 20
name "VLAN20"
untagged B1-B12
ip address
vlan 30
name "VLAN30"
untagged B13-B24
ip address
vlan 40
name "VLAN40"
tagged A1

ip address
no spanning-tree bpdu-throttle


I've tried configuring A1 as tagged, and also as untagged on both sides, but I'm not able to hit anything outside the switch from VLAN 10, 20, or 30.

I can ping between VLANs 10, 20,30, and 40, but can't make that next hop ( out to the 3750.

Computers on each of the VLANs have the VLAN IP address as the default gateway and are connected to their repective VLAN interfaces.





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Re: 5406zl vlan routing problem

Does the 3750 have routes telling it where the network is?

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Re: 5406zl vlan routing problem



My suspect is that the Cisco router may not know how to route back to the ranges, and So the ping may reach the Cisco router but it doesnt know how to route the response back.

The router will have a connected route to range in the routing table because it has an interface in this range.  However in order for the ranges, and to appear in the routing table a static route has to be configured pointing to the IP as next hop.


ip route

ip route

ip route


(You can configure a single static route with shorter mask if there are no other subnets in the 10.0.x.x range on other routers)


So please check in the routing table of the Cisco whether there are routes for this ranges and what is the next hop. If not try to configure the static routes. Another option would be to enable a routing protocol on both 5406zl and Cisco.




Emil /HPN
Occasional Contributor

Re: 5406zl vlan routing problem

Wow, I feel like an idiot! Can't believe I missed such a basic item.

That was the problem, but now I'm having a different issue.


I have pings running from both sides (host on Cisco switch pinging host on the HP switch and vice versa). Those pings are fine, maybe one time out every several minutes, but running continuous for the last couple hours.


I also have pings running from host to the Cisco switch vlan Those pings will reply for a random length of time, 10 seconds to 10+ minutes (and I have internet access from, then they'll start timing out and I have no traffic flow, (except for the pings that are still going between the and hosts).

Affer a couple minutes, it might reply for 2 or 3 pings, then stop, then maybe after 10 minutes, it will start replying again for 30 sec, then stop. It seems really random.

I can access the HP switch GUI from host.

While this is going on, in the HP switch console session (PuTTY), I can ping to, but not to the Cisco router vlan

If I disable and re-enable the interface on either switch, it will come back up, but then stop at some point.

HP and Cisco switch logs don't show anything unusual.



Occasional Contributor

Re: 5406zl vlan routing problem

It certainly is a Monday!! Somebody had a duplicate IP of my VLAN on the HP switch (

Changed that and the routes, and everything is happy.


Thanks for your help!