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600 ports 5 comms rooms best options!

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600 ports 5 comms rooms best options!

We have a good idea of what want out of network but looking to confirm thinking along the same lines.

Have 600 ports around our hotel with few different providers running services, we have to supply infrastructure for them to plug into. Services that are being run are Smart TV, Chrome Cast, IP phones, Wifi access points.

Makeup is of 5 comms rooms 150 ports in each comms room, no need for POE on all ports just for wifi access points and phones. 

1. Have few questions around how best to prevision VLans on the ports the way we are doing this in other options is wondering can we do this using MAC address.

2. What is best way to manage 12 switches day to day + core switch.


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Re: 600 ports 5 comms rooms best options!

You may wish to contact HPE Pre-Sales:

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