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6600 switch and MS NLB

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6600 switch and MS NLB

I am working on a project that will be using Microsoft Multicast Network Load balancing technology.

I'd like to know the following:


- Does this command auto-learn the MAC address in MS NLB to routing table?


- Does it cache the routing table information, flush the table info and recreate it? Or does it add it statically and only updates information if it there is a change?


- Will MAC address be known by all the VLANs on the switch(es), or just to that particular VLAN that the NLB will be on?


- Will the MS NLB traffic flood the switch and it VLANs causing a Multicast (broadcast) storm?


- Will this impact any other components of the switch such as switch routing, QOS, VLANs, etc?


- I have 2 core switches(6600) uplinked via 10 GB fiber, will I need to use that command on both switches?


- Will this impact servers that are currently using MS Network Load balancing in unicast mode).


- Will this impact/affect, VMWare v4.1 networking services/vSwitches?


Thank you,