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ACL Deny Logs

Occasional Contributor

ACL Deny Logs

Hi All, Im configuraing an HP 2910 running and I have an ACL setup which denies communication between 2 devices. The ACL itself works as expected and communicaion is blocked accordingly. However my issue is i cant seem to find where the Deny ACL is being logged. I checked the logbuffer but it doesnt seem to show any acl messages. Heres a snippet of my configurations. 

ip access-list extended "101"
     20 permit ip
     30 permit ip
     40 deny ip log
     50 permit ip
interface 1
   ip access-group "101" in

Show debug:

 Debug Logging

  Source IP Selection: Outgoing Interface
  Origin identifier: Outgoing Interface IP
   Logging --
     Facility = user
     Severity = debug
     System Module = all-pass
     Priority Desc =
   Memory buffer

  Enabled debug types:
   acl log
   snmp event
   snmp pdu
   snmp routines

Im not sure if im missing something, or if theres something id need to change in order to see the ACL's that are being logged. Much appreciation for your help.