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ACL on a 2910al

Occasional Contributor

ACL on a 2910al

Hey guys,

I need your help again. This time it is about ACLs.


1 x switch 2910al Firmware W15.14

2 x switch 2810

The 2910 is the "core" and interconnects the two 2810. Furthermore has the 2910al a static route to "VLAN INTERNET"

1 of the 2810 is in "VLAN 1" the other in "VLAN 2". Both shall be able to reach the internet but not reaching each other.

On the 2910al Ip routing is enabeld. I want the 2910 to stop the routing between this two VLANs (1 and 2) but allow the traffic to the "VLAN INTERNET".


As far as I figured it out, the only way to do it on a 2910al is with a port based ACL.

The problem I have now is I seem to configure this ACL everytime very wrong. Either the traffic in total is blocked or not at all..... Furthermore I can only assaign the ACL on the interface in direction "IN". "Out" does not exist on my 2910al switch.

Can you guys please be so kind and create an example how my idea should work? I tried everything I can make up so far but I am stuck.

Thx guys.