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Account lockout settings for 2930F?

Hello people! 

I could find password configuration settings for the local manager and operator accounts in 2930F Firmware 16.10 but I could not find account lockout settings.

By account lockout settings, i meant attempting more than x (5) invalid password attempts and the account gets locked.

Any ideas?


Re: Account lockout settings for 2930F?


Specify the number of allowed login attempts

Aruba-3810M-24G-1-slot(config)# aaa authentication num-attempts ?

<1-10>                Enter an integer number.

Enable lockout for console or for remote admin users

Aruba-3810M-24G-1-slot(config)# aaa authentication console-lockout


Aruba-3810M-24G-1-slot(config)# aaa authentication user-based-lockout

Lockout delay is the number of seconds after repeated login failures before a user may again attempt login.

Aruba-3810M-24G-1-slot(config)# aaa authentication lockout-delay ?


The following command is showing if a user was locked out.

Aruba-3810M-24G-1-slot# show authentication locked-out-users

Username             Priv

-------------------- ----

manager              Mgr


For reference you can use the Aruba Access Security Guide


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