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Acquire VLAN info through CDP or LLDP

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Acquire VLAN info through CDP or LLDP

I have a ProCurve 2610 (48-port, PoE, J9089A) with VLANs.  VLANs are working fine.  Of course, some ports are tagged and some are not, depending on what is connected to the respective port.  


What I am wondering is why I cannot see the VLAN when I plug a Fluke LinkRunner into the port.  It shows the switch name, port, and (if configured properly) the IP address assigned to the LinkRunner.  Fluke says it is a switch configuration issue and I tend to agree since the LinkRunner DOES show the VLAN configured when plugged into my Cisco Catalyst 2960G switches and my HP E3800-48G (J9576A) switch.  I am at a loss here and have tried numerous things with the LLDP and CDP commands and nothing seems to work.  Maybe the Procurve 2600 series simply can't do it?


Any help is appreciated.

Richard Brodie_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Acquire VLAN info through CDP or LLDP

I would assume they can't.


lldp config n dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id


looks like it's the correct command but it seems to be in the more modern switches, like the 3800.

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Re: Acquire VLAN info through CDP or LLDP

CDP and LLDP will only give your network devices information about the neighboring device and it is protocol independent.  What you seek is GVRP.