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Add Ports to Trunk group (lacp)

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Add Ports to Trunk group (lacp)

I setup a trunk port with lacp.

I have trunk trk1 1/47,3/19 lacp

I am going to have to add a couple more ports to trk1.  Am I just doing the same command with the addtional ports?

So trunk trk1 1/47,3/19,4/1,4/4  lacp ? 

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Re: Add Ports to Trunk group (lacp)

Hi, exactly like you remove a Port Trunk member port from the Port Trunk it is member of...prefixing the [no] to the trunk can add a new Port Trunk member port for an existing (already formed) Port Trunk simple by using:

trunk trk1 4/1, 4/4 lacp

You don't need to relist ports that are already members of Port Trunk trk1.

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Re: Add Ports to Trunk group (lacp)

Thanks for the response and confirming how to do it.