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Adding member to E3800 stack

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Adding member to E3800 stack

Hey Folks,


We currently have a 2-member E3800 stack in production. We'd now like to add a 3rd member to it.


I've read about topologies, etc. and am planning to implement a redundant ring. However, the thing I don't seem to find answered definitively is whether this can simply be done hot. IE, can I simply plug this new member into our existing stack and not cause a major disruption?


My plan is to break (1) connection of the current 2-member ring and slip the new member into connectivity with the (2) already running. Just looking for some confirmation that this is OK. I've read the configuration and pretty much get how to do that, just dont want to disrupt production.



Michael Patmon
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Re: Adding member to E3800 stack

Hello.  Yes, you can add a switch to an existing stack without disruption.  Just make sure you enable stacking on the new member, or if it's been configured already perform a "stacking factory-reset".  Then you can connect it to the existing stack and it should reboot (it will fail to become the commander of the stack).  It will then get sync'd with the stack and rebooted again.  Then it should join the stack as the next member.