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AirPrint between two VLANS

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AirPrint between two VLANS

We currently own aHPE 1920-48G layer 3 switch. Our WiFI and printer is on different VLANS. Apple AirPrint protocol can't hop VLANS I beleive so I was told we would have to set up Inter-VLAN routing..


Does anyone have experince with getting Wireless iOS devices to AirPrint to a printer on a different VLAN?

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Re: AirPrint between two VLANS


Aruba controller can create so called AirGroups to gather the Bonjour multicast traffic and reduce it to singlecast over multiple VLANs. You would need a controller and possibly Clearpass for that, which I guess is not realistic for you, no offense.

For more information see this: 


Another option, with which I have no experience, is: You could use multicast routing to achieve something similar, but I think the 1920 can not do that.