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Aruba 2540 Certificate Error Post Reconfiguration


Aruba 2540 Certificate Error Post Reconfiguration


I am trying to reconfigure a previously configured Aruba 2540. I am trying to enable https using a self signed certificate. Post config I get a certificate error in the browser. I have tried 'erase startup config', 'crypto key zeroize ssh' and 'crypto key generate ssh', followed by 'crypto pki enroll-self-signed...' blah blah blah to no avail.

The clock was set correctly. I did the original config on this switch and 50 others as well but this one is showing it's behind and at this point I just want to reset it to factory defaults. and start fresh. Any suggestions on how to do this?





Re: Aruba 2540 Certificate Error Post Reconfiguration


Could you mention what is the Certificate Error seen on browser? Please refer below guide config the switch for SSL

HTTPS support requires a certificate to be configured on the switch with a usage type of all or captiveportal,

Please refer the Best Practice from below link, Pg:129

With Respect to Clock Synchronization are you using NTP Server? Please refer below for NTP Synchronization

In case if you are using console,

Type:> Configure

Type :>Clock Set 13:08 

Type :>Clock Set 06/11/2015   

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