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Aruba 2920-24G (J9726A) SNMP problem

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Aruba 2920-24G (J9726A) SNMP problem


Switch HP 2920-24G(config)# show snmp-server

 SNMP Communities

  Community Name       MIB View Write Access
  -------------------- -------- ------------
  manager              Manager  Unrestricted
  public               Operator Restricted

 Trap Receivers

  Link-Change Traps Enabled on Ports [All] : All

  Traps Category                          Current Status
  _____________________________________   __________________
  SNMP Authentication                   : Standard
  Stacking                              : Enabled
  Password change                       : Enabled
  Login failures                        : Enabled
  Port-Security                         : Enabled
  Authorization Server Contact          : Enabled
  DHCP-Snooping                         : Enabled
  DHCPv6-Snooping Out of Resource       : Enabled
  DHCPv6-Snooping Errant Replies        : Enabled
  Dynamic ARP Protection                : Enabled
  Dynamic IP Lockdown                   : Enabled
  Dynamic IPv6 Lockdown Out of Resource : Enabled
  Dynamic IPv6 Lockdown Violations      : Enabled
  Startup Config change                 : Disabled
  Running Config Change                 : Disabled
  MAC address table changes             : Disabled

  DHCP-Server                           : Enabled
  NTP-Client                            : Disabled

  ND Snooping Out of Resources Traps    : Enabled

  Address                Community              Events   Type   Retry   Timeout
  ---------------------- ---------------------- -------- ------ ------- -------         manager                Not-INFO trap   3       15

 Excluded MIBs

 Snmp Response Pdu Source-IP Information

  Selection Policy   : configuredIP
  IP Address         :

 Trap Pdu Source-IP Information

  Selection Policy   : configuredIP
  IP Address         :


Check from 230.150: 

# snmpwalk -v 2c -c manager
Timeout: No Response from


Firewall not blocking. Request reaches the target but no response. 

Problem was discovered on the old FW 15.11.0007 and it is still actual after update to 16.09.003.

I've tried different combitaions of settings, and still nothing works.

Any ideas? 


Re: Aruba 2920-24G (J9726A) SNMP problem


Can you check the reachability of from Aruba switch?

Also please enable som snmp/trap debugging commands to check the status.



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