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Aruba 2920-48g J9728A InterVLAN routing not woring..

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Aruba 2920-48g J9728A InterVLAN routing not woring..

My box rinning on latest firmware WB.16.03.0004.

My intention is to route between vlan on the switch but somehow that eludes me. I cant communicate between vlans. Below is the running configuration.

Running Configuration

    ; J9728A Configuration Editor; Created on release #WB.16.03.0004
    ; Ver
    hostname "BV_2920-48G"
    module 1 type j9728a
    time timezone 600
    ip route vlan 1006
    ip route vlan 1007
    ip route vlan 1
    ip route vlan 1004
    ip route vlan 1005
    ip routing
    snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
        ip address dhcp-bootp
    vlan 1
        name "MGMT_VLAN"
        no untagged 1-41,45-48
        untagged 42-44
        ip address
        disable layer3
    vlan 1002
        name "PRIVATE-A"
        untagged 1-2
        no ip address
    vlan 1003
        name "PRIVATE-B"
        untagged 3-4
        no ip address
    vlan 1004
        name "PUBLIC"
        untagged 5-11,45-48
        ip address
    vlan 1005
        name "CLIENT"
        untagged 12-31
        ip address
    vlan 1006
        name "AVECO_INT"
        untagged 32-33
        ip address
    vlan 1007
        name "AVECO_EXT"
        untagged 34-41
        ip address

[] Also notice that routing is not updated with runing configuration...

                                IP Route Entries

  Destination        Gateway         VLAN Type      Sub-Type   Metric     Dist.
  ------------------ --------------- ---- --------- ---------- ---------- -----        reject               static               0          0       lo0                  connected            1          0    PUBLIC          1004 connected            1          0    

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Re: Aruba 2920-48g J9728A InterVLAN routing not woring..

Your IP Routing statements don't make sense - those subnets are "connected" on your switch, so you don't want to be putting in routing statements relating to them.

From your routing table at the end there, I think we would deduce that the only thing(s) you have connected is/are in one (or more) of the switchports 5-11,45-48.

Otherwise, your configuration looks fine. If you put devices in 
Port 11, with ip address having a default GW of ip address
Port12, with ip address having a default GW of ip address
and providing those devices support ICMP, then they will be able to ping each other, via routing done by the switch.