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Aruba 2920 Stacked Switches

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Aruba 2920 Stacked Switches

I have two sets of stacked switches.  One I have named Full Stack (which is a stack of 4 switches and will be referred to as FS) and Short Stack (which has a stack of 2 switches and will be referred to as SS).   These two stacks of swtiches are arranged as follows in my 19 inch Relay Rack.









I need to add an additional 2 switches to the SS set.  However I have a problem.  Can I take FS1 and FS2 and add them to the SS.  Then add two additional switches to the below the current FS4.  This makes sense to me.  However I'm concerned that this is going to completely wreck my switch configs.


Any thoughts on the best way to re-stack the switches without completely screwing up my configs.  I have several vlans and some routing on these things.  It's not super complicated but it would be a lot of work if it did get completely blown up.

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Re: Aruba 2920 Stacked Switches

Backup both switch stack configs

Make sure the switches in FS stack are member-numbered 1,2,3,4 in order down the rack
stack member n type <Jxxxx> <MAC-address>
Reboot each switch you have renumbered.

make FS3 commander of its stack
stacking member 1 priority 1
stacking member 2 priority 1
stacking member 3 priority 255

remove FS1 & FS2
stacking member 1 remove
stacking member 2 remove
Power both down and remove stacking cables

renumber FS3 & FS4 to FS1 & FS2
stack member 1 type <Jxxxx> <FS3 MAC-address>
stack member 2 type <Jxxxx> <FS4 MAC-address>
reboot both

Add SS3 & SS4 into the switch config on SS
stacking member 3 type <Jxxx> <mac-address>
stacking member 4 type <Jxxx> <mac-address>

Make sure the priority on SS1 is correct
stacking member 1 priority 1

Add the two existing switches to SS with your stacking cables and power onI can't remember if you have to do stacking enable on each one after they got removed from a stack previously).

Add the two new switches to FS and power on, one at a  time
stacking enable

Fix up your interface configs. 



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Re: Aruba 2920 Stacked Switches

So this is pretty much the steps I have come up with to do this.  However I like the renaming the switchs part to put them in the correct order.  I will let you now how this works out.