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Aruba 2930 web managment

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Aruba 2930 web managment


i have new switch Aruba 2930. How can I create a user with privileges on web managment.

1. open web url -> this ok

2. click login, write my username and pass -> bad login -> login me as operator

3. use telnet, same username and pass -> loged in as manager

What am I doing wrong?


Re: Aruba 2930 web managment


Following is the Aruba 2930F Switch Series installation and Getting Started Guide.

The above document talks about, recovering from a lost manager password and using the IP address for remote switch management.

As far I know, there are two accounts - manager and operator - I dont belive any of these accounts has password. If you had already set a password, follow the above said document to press and hold the clear button to reset to password.

If you have already set the manager password, then while connecting via Web, it will use the operator accout by default and uses no password to login.

Example : To fix, you may try from the CLI - "password manager user-name "administrator" plaintext "administrator", which changes the manager username and password.

Below is an old guide, not specific to the Aruba OS 16.XX, however it is still worth reading it :


If you have further questions regarding this, please log a support call on this regards.



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