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Aruba 2930F WC.16.04.0008 show modules


Aruba 2930F WC.16.04.0008 show modules

We have some newer Aruba 2930F switchgear. I was cataloging some basic information for a group of switches which included these new switches and some 2910al and 2920 switches. They are at various firmware levels. I was trying to ensure I had the product numbers for each of the switches. Typically I would use:

# show modules 
 Status and Counters - Module Information

  Chassis: 2920-24G-PoE+  J9727A         Serial Number:   XXXXXXXXXX

  Slot     Module Description                         Serial Number    Status
  -------- ------------------------------------------ ---------------- --------

However with the 2930F this command produces "Invalid input: modules"

The command index guide for WC.16.04.0008 shows it listed. I am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

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Re: Aruba 2930F WC.16.04.0008 show modules

A guess: does a show run fail too?