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Aruba 2930F equivalent Cisco commands

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Aruba 2930F equivalent Cisco commands

Hi Folks,

We have a Sound and Video supplier who have installed a Cisco switch and are adamant that no other switch will work with the system they have installed.

I'm trying to get our Aruba 2930F switches set up the same as the Cisco switch but I cannot find some of the command equivalents on the 2930F.

Could you point me in the right direction for the following Cisco commands:

Port jumbo-frame

Bridge multicast filtering

Clock source browser

ip igmp snooping vlan xx imediate leave

ip igmp snooping vlan xx querier

All the other commands listed in the Cisco config I can find an alternative for, but not the ones listwd above.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Aruba 2930F equivalent Cisco commands

I suggest you to read this post I wrote on Aruba Airheads Community.

I'm not an HPE Employee
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Re: Aruba 2930F equivalent Cisco commands

Hi Parnassus,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I've seen that document, but none of the Cisco commands above are listed.


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Re: Aruba 2930F equivalent Cisco commands

Hey Paul-Maz, i have the some problem.with the cisco command. Have you find a solution for  aruba switch?


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Re: Aruba 2930F equivalent Cisco commands

Hey Buddy.

Not sure if these are equivalent commands, but the set up below is how I got it working.


Igmp filter-unkown-multicast

Igmp fastlearn *Port-Range*                                 (eg. 1/1-1/46)

Igmp lookup-mode ip

Jumbo ip-mtu 9000

VLAN 691

              Name “What Ever”

              Tagged *Trunk Port*

              No ip address

              Ip igmp





Obviously the running config on the switch has a lot more in it, these are the bits I figured out to get the multi cast devices working.

The Clock source browser bit just syncs the switch clock with your web browser, since we use ntp this could just be omitted.

Reading through the documentation on both switches trying to learn about Multicast, I think I am correct in saying the “immediate leave” bit on the Cisco is the same as “Fastlearn” on the Aruba. It sounded similar anyway.

I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, give us a shout.

If anyone thinks I’m wrong and wants to shoot me down, please do. I’d prefer to get it right and in no way consider myself an expert on the subject.