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Aruba 3810M/2930M 4SFP+ MACsec Module (JL083A)

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Aruba 3810M/2930M 4SFP+ MACsec Module (JL083A)


in fact I have a switch Aruba 2930M 24G 1-slot Switch with 4 sfp ports, and I would like to add a modulle 4 port of 1G SFP,  So I want to know is that module JL083A Aruba 3810M / 2930M 4SFP + MACsec supports 1G fiber !!

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Re: Aruba 3810M/2930M 4SFP+ MACsec Module (JL083A)

Yes this module containts 4 spf+ ports.

You can use them as 1G  or 10G fiber ports



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Re: Aruba 3810M/2930M 4SFP+ MACsec Module (JL083A)

Please do not forget to check the software version running on your Aruba 2930M (JL319A): to support the JL083A Module the Aruba 2930M needs to run a Software version equal or newer than WC.16.04.0004, as example WC.16.04.0016 to be safe (indeed if your Aruba 2930M is running a software version that is older than WC.16.04.0004 - this considering releases belonging to the WC.16.03 code branch since the WC.16.04.0004 is the very first of WC.16.04 derived from WC.16.03 - just update to latest WC.16.04.0016 available...otherwise, if you prefer to upgrade from WC.16.04 or older to newer code branches such as WC.16.05 or WC.16.06, just plan to upgrade your Aruba 2930M to latest WC.16.05.0009 or latest WC.16.06.0006).

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