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Aruba 5406R zL2 Frimware update Process?

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Aruba 5406R zL2 Frimware update Process?

Hallo, I have 2 Switchs R5406R zL2 with Cluster i Need to make Firmware update can some one Help me with this qustiuons - Is the complete environment (both nodes) unavailable during the update? - Do the switches update at the same time? - Is the VSF functionality available during the update? Thanks
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Re: Aruba 5406R zL2 Frimware update Process?


You will need to upload the software on the commander and he will distrubute the software to the remaining members. 

When all the switches in the vsf stack have the new software, you will need to reboot the whole stack at once. (with the command boot system

So yes it will cause full downtime of the whole vsf stack during the reboot.

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Re: Aruba 5406R zL2 Frimware update Process?

Not necessarily: VSF on Aruba 5400R zl2 permits (on recent software versions) the VSF Fast Software Upgrade approach...basically this approach lets the VSF to sequence automatcally the members updates (first the standby member then the commander member) minimizing the downtime (especially if peers are LACP connected to both VSF members).

Another reference here.

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