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Aruba IAP-515 requires frequent reboots

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Aruba IAP-515 requires frequent reboots

We were chugging along fine with a $300 mesh solution for our building and hired a consultant to help us upgrade our network. He recommended teh Aruba IAP-515 (10 of them in fact), luckily, we figured 5 should be sufficient for our building and needs.


The result has been a nightmare, the performance of this set up, which cost us ~ $7500 or more, has been a deterioration of service. the APs need constant reboots, or else, the performance steadily degrades over time, to the point of a non-functional network. We even had to spring for a 2 year support package. which clearly is not useful, since we have not received any support.

At this point, I am ready to chuck this whole thing and move on to some other solution, but we would like to either

1) have this be fixed , or 

2) downgrade to an older IAP, which maybe will work, or 

3) get rid of all this, and just go back to our mesh (which had other problems, which is why we wanted to upgrade in the first place).

4) find some other provider who is interested in supporting their product. It should not be so difficult.

anyhow, if anyone in Aruba is listening or cares, please reach out, so we can figure out an amicable solution (the best being a full refund of our investment).




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Re: Aruba IAP-515 requires frequent reboots


Details, details and, again, details = no help.

Saying an Aruba IAP Cluster is a nightmare means nothing (exactly because I can say that, personally, I know of an Aruba IAP Cluster is going amazingly flawless) what have a meaning for you, it hasn't for us (why? because you're speaking about what you think, not about what you have in terms of issue)...if you don't provide issue details you will discover how difficult it will to receive help (a very first one: What Aruba Instant software version - example: 8.4? 8.5? - is the Aruba IAP 515 Cluster currently running on? second: how it was configured? third: what is the network topolgy - VLANs, Uplinks, etc. - into which this IAP Cluster is operating? ...and so on...details, details, details...but you paid a it should be fairly easy to provide details instead of rants).

For sure rants = no help at all...because nobody in a free Community (this isn't paid Aruba Support) - Aruba or HPE, doesn't matter - will waste his/her time to fight against anybody else rants...instead any Community member could/would try to help as his/her best if another Community member will provide the Community all relevant details about his/her case and if he/she explains - best, rationally - what is going on and what are involved assets and what is their actual status in terms of software/configuration.

Another suggestion: open a thread on the Aruba Airheads Community too...because there the probability of receving specialized help about Aruba IAP is very, very, very into the Controllerless Network section here dedicated to Aruba IAP.

I'm not an HPE Employee
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