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ArubaOS 16.2 OSFP configuration guide

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ArubaOS 16.2 OSFP configuration guide

Can you point me to a config guide for OSFP on HPE switch with ArubaOS 16.2 ?

I looked at all type of admin guide for different switch models, but they only refernce RIP and BGP and I could not find instructions for OSPF configuration.

My other question is, do we need a license to enable the OSPF in 16.2 ?

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Re: ArubaOS 16.2 OSFP configuration guide

You didn't specified your exact Switch model (ArubaOS-Switch software branch YA/YB, RA, WB, WC, K, KA or KB)...but it doesn't matter: look for the HPE ArubaOS-Switch Feature and Commands Index 16.02 guide (latest one published on September 2016), there filter for any "OSPF" related command/ will find that, for any command/feature found, a related manual is available into which that specific command/feature is then described in detail (I think for OSPF, mostly, details can be found on IPv6 and MRG guides).

This is the list of (some) ArubaOS-Switch related documentation types:

  • Access Security Guide (ASG)
  • Advanced Traffic Management Guide (ATMG)
  • Basic Operation Guide (BOG)
  • IPv6 Configuration Guide (IPv6)
  • Management and Configuration Guide (MCG)
  • Multicast and Routing Guide (MRG)

The naming, as you can see, is pretty self explanatory.

AFAIK I don't believe OSPF requires any licensing on supporting Switch models/families (Read the manuals, QuickSpecs and Datasheet for confirmation)...I'm quite sure about that.


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Re: ArubaOS 16.2 OSFP configuration guide

Thank you for your response. It is strange that they have actually put the OSPF IPv4 instructions within the "IPv6
Configuration Guide".