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ArubaOS-Switch 16.06 and 16.05.0009

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ArubaOS-Switch 16.06 and 16.05.0009

Was anyone able to try ArubaOS-Switch 16.06.0006 (especially on KB platform: Aruba 5400R zl2, as example)?

I've read ArubaOS-Switch 16.06.0006 for KB Release Notes one week ago (HPE Support site -> Search 16.06.0006) but I'm not able to find the software on MyNetworking portal (clearly it's not published yet).

Antoher strange thing is that 16.06.0006 Release Notes mention that 16.05.0009 (June 2018) is also present as successor software release for the actual 16.05 line...but, again, 16.05.0009 (16.05.0008 is written that it was never released) was not published and latest 16.05 is still the 16.05.0007 of March 2018. 

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Re: ArubaOS-Switch 16.06 and 16.05.0009

Hello Parnassus,

The 16.05.0008 was not released but 16.05.0009 and was built based on 16.05.0008.

The latest in 16.05 family is 16.05.0009,it can be downloaded from below link:

Note : The latest version 16.06.0006 is based on the 16.05.0003 and not the 16.05.0009.

Thank You!
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Re: ArubaOS-Switch 16.06 and 16.05.0009

Thanks @Narayanc, at the time of my post HPE Support portal provided only Release Notes documents - which indeed I've read - but both mentioned new Firmware versions weren't already available to download.

Since July 9th those ones are finally available (to be exact,  since July 12nd, KB.16.05.0009 is available, it has been published just few days after KB.16.06.0006 release).

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ArubaOS-Switch 16.05.0007 and 16.09.0009

AT&T customer has 2 Aruba switches on a layer 2 circuit. The Aruba with 16.09.0009 is not passing MACSEC. The Aruba with 16.05.0007 is passing MACSEC.

AT&T dispatched with a VIAVI 5800 and performed packet captures on both switches. The ARUBA with verison 16.05.0007 is passing a valid MAC address 08:97:34:e5:69:00 and MACSEC is working. The ARUBA with version 16.09.0009 is passing an invalid MAC of 00:00:00:00:00:00, thus AT&T is treating that as an invalid MAC and ignoring the packets.

AT&T has referred the customer to HP support.