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Arubs 2530 Stacking

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Arubs 2530 Stacking

We are about to install multiple aruba 2530 switches as networks access and 5xxx as core.

Normally I would stack the access switches where possible and will use a single LAG link to core, connected  to a few different physical members for resiliency, as in the attached diagram. However reading the documentation, the 2530s don't seem to support stacking.

Can you suggest alternative way of setting them up. My aim is to have simple design with  resiliency to core, wihtout using STP and not connecting every single access switch to the core switch.

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Re: Arubs 2530 Stacking

As far as I know, the Aruba 2530 doesn't support Stacking (Virtual Switch) so you're stuck with the requirement of inter-linking your access switches together by means of various BAGGs with (BAGGs are necessary to add resiliency and enhance throughput of access layer)...clearly avoiding any loop...and then connect each and every access switch to the core (Comware IRF?) using other BAGGs with Distributed Trunking (dt-lacp) originating from the core VS (I think you will need (R)STP at some point)...considering you must verify that both core and access switches will support DT feature.

That way you will obtain desired resiliency to the core (desiring "resiliency to the core" without accepting to interconnect access and core layers together in a resilient way...will remain just a desire!).

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