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Bandwidth restrictions for users on VLANs to particular ports


Bandwidth restrictions for users on VLANs to particular ports

Hi everyone, first time poster :). Hoping someone might be able to help me out a little bit with this. Decent size network with Aruba/HP switches and Aruba instant wiress APs ec.


We have the need to rate limit certain wireless clients as our internet connection is limited. So currently we have roles setup on the instant system for overall bandwidht limits. E.g each client is limited to 5mbps etc. While this works well to limit a users access to our internet bandwidth unfortunately it also restricts their access to all internal resources unnecessarily. 


What I am hoping to accomplish is an ACL on our 5406R ZL2 (Core switch). Some kind of bandwidth limit for all individual clients on certain VLANs on only one port (outbound to ISP Router). I've been going through the advanced traffic management guide and it looks like I can employ a bandwidth limit on a particular port overall. A vlan overall or a single IP address.


I would however like to limit all IP addresses individually on a particular vlan, rather than one of the above scenarios. 


If someone could point me in the right direction that would be fantastic.


Thanks all