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Basic Vlan Config

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Basic Vlan Config

Hi All,


Beginner at vlans here. I have a 2650 that I am using to power a large number of IP Phones. The plan for the coming months will be to acquire a 1000base procurve for all the other stuff and then just relegate the 2650 to phones/ap's ect. 


Right now, the network runs on unmanaged cisco 1000base switches. I want to seperate the two right now into just phones on the 2650 and then use the gigabit uplink to get everything else onto the switch. The idea is to make the phones say VLAN 10 and then the rest of the network VLAN20. The phones don't need to talk to anything on vlan 20, but workstations on vlan 20 need to talk to the voip server. 


I understand how the port tagging works for the unmanaged switch (treating it as a vlan endpoint), so assume the best place to connect the voip server would be on the 2650 and then make it accessible to both vlans? With the clients being in the 10.x range and the phones being in the 172.x range, how does one go about getting the voip server to talk to both vlans?


Basically, if someone could help put me on the right track of thinking here that would be great and a brief idea of what i need to configure. Also, if someone has a way to do this then please suggest it.


Apologies for the beginner question.


Richard Litchfield
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Re: Basic Vlan Config

The different subnets on the different VLANs will need a router to enable communications between them. The 2650 is getting on a bit now, but it does support static routing (and maybe RIP?).


You will need commands similar to the following on the 2650 to enable routing:

ip routing

ip route 
ip route 
ip route 

This example turns on a default route (, and 2 specific routes to 172.16.1.x and 172.16.10.x


Make sure your devices have the switch as the default gateway.

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Re: Basic Vlan Config

Hi Martin,

Keep in mind that there's no way to limit communication between the VLANs if you go down the track which you suggested (and Richard has shown how). I don't believe the 2650 supports any routing ACLs, so if routing is enabled between VLANs, it is enabled for all hosts on those VLANs.