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Best Practices - Connecting two ProCurve 8206zl Together [Core]

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Best Practices - Connecting two ProCurve 8206zl Together [Core]

Hi Community!

We are expanding our stand alone ProCurve 8206zl with an extra unit with the purpose of providing some redundancy at that layer to some of our servers as well as to a VirtualStore unit. I was trying to figure out the best way to connect these devices together (Simplified diagram of what I want to achieve attached) but with the extensive capabilities of these switches I can decide the best way to have this all setup (STP,  Distributed trunking, Switch Interconnect, Meshing, VRRP - In case I decide to do the Inter-VLAN routing on the switch, etc). i.e. Would it be a good idea to use DT lets say with the VirtualStore? If I use DT then meshing is not supported, etc. The goal is to have those servers and storage always available as well as having redundancy towards the FW. Thank you for the feedback.

To-Be Setup

Multi-Color = Multiple VLANS